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***** (AS19108 - Suddenlink Communications / / *****) ***** (Suddenlink Communications / / ***** is running ***** (the unsatisfactory reputation of GKG.NET, INC /; supporting criminal activity) ***** (item 5) AND Suddenlink Communications / / sustains up to "medium" amounts of spam sent during a 30 day period from CBL-listed, botnet-infected IP addresses. ***** AND (continual spam for 17+ days)
suddenlink is an internet provider. I have been a satisfied customer for many years. I have no reason not to fully trust this site.
Site is involved in sending of spam emails, claiming to lead to Halifax Bank login page. In fact the link leads to, which I have also updated on this site. Site is running outdated ***** Apache Server software, which contains a serious vulnerability. ( refers)This site is likely compromised as a result. Website is also not protected by any firewall. Please DM when site issues have been resolved to have this rating modified.
SUDDENLINK is a large cable company. They offerr Cable TV, Tdelephone and Broadband Internet. They have a good reputation as far as very few Outages. They Broadband up to 30 mbs SUDDENLINK HAS ONE BIG FLAW! THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY INTERNET/E-MAIL SECURITY! And I find that a BIG Flaw. In talks with various "Supervisors the best answer I get is "I am sure they looking into that." Luckily there are lots of programs available to scan e-mail But, there are tens of thousands of Users that because of a lack of How Things Work on the Internet they are open to being ta victim of Identity Theft. A lot of Malware is spread through e-mail and it targets Newbies. All ISP's should have E-Mail Filters to protect it's subscribers.
Seemingly clueless communications company sending Bank of America phisher spam from IP ***** & account ***** - for over a week. No response to abuse@ emails, so - here we are.
419 Nigerian scam originating from ( in Tyler Texas From: bankole williams <> To: Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 5:44 AM Subject: Attn, Attn,Your Atm/visa card is ready for picks.Get back to me.Regards Mr Bankole

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