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systemtools.winzip.comreviews 7

BAIT AND SWITCH. You get a "free download" which will ONLY scan for problems, but does NOT repair anything. For repairs, you have to buy the full version, but you are NOT told that anywhere until AFTER you have downloaded the "free" (useless) version.

No surprise, when you run the "free" scanner, they find that EVERYTHING is "ancient" and "dangerous" so you MUST upgrade to save your computer. Needless to say, they are lying. In my case, I am planning to upgrade to Windows 7, so I happily checked them out. Even though I will be leaving Vista on this computer, I already knew that all drivers were functioning and up-to-date.

I repeat, THEY ARE LYING WITH THEIR FAKE RESULTS. Stay away from these guys.

P.S. Also no surprise: they do NOT supply an uninstaller with the "free" program. I recommend the uninstall tool in CCleaner (freeware) which is superlative.

evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

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What a load of rubbish ! When you have a problem and you go to a site to help you, the last thing you want is a scum rip-off site like this that tells you that you've got so many problems that you've got to give them lots of money to get rid of your problems ! Bullshit ! ! ! The biggest problem is this rip-off site. This site owes me money for the time I've wasted reading their BULLSHIT ! ! ! They haven't helped me (or my 7 friends who also wasted their time with these scumbags, so i'm not alone ! STAY AWAY !!!!!!


Much Times You can see In ebay or Other Sites The Message Your Computer is To Slow and Link To This Site!
But its A Lie They cant Know if Your Pc is Slow or not
Then they Say it Can Repair Computers but this Tool cant do this For My Opinion Advance System Care or Glary Ultilities is Better !


Propose un téléchargement gratuit pour remplacer le Windows UpDate puis, comme c'est soit-disant pas fait, demande de payer pour intégrer une chose déjà présente dans Windows !…
Quand est-ce que les mercantiliens vont arrêter de pondrent des trucs aussi farfelus !…


usual registry-cleaner ripp-off, not a free program as advertised


Mit diesem Link auf die WebSeite gekommen:
Treiber Update Kostenlos
es ist aber kein kostenloser Treiber erhältlich !


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74 / 100

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