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received spam by email from them
Notification of lottery winnings in UK and e-mail sent from China
Another lame link shortener which does nothing about abuse.
privatewatcherSat Jan 17 1970
URL-shortener misused for spamming purposes, for hacking, etc.
BROWSER-IE Microsoft Internet Explorer userdata behavior memory corruption attempt
It's a redirection-based website, used to spam people and to catch their email with fakes "unsuscribe" forms. DO NOT TRUST ANY URL from, and DO NOT write your email in their redirected websites. Ex: (redirection from, in reality it's a pornographic website (so, don't go to the index !). I gave to the "unsuscribe" form an unused email adresse and one day later, i got spammed from random places. Obviously. Watch out.
chenshaojuFri Jan 16 1970
this is url shorten service for ,Like for
URL shortener service provided by Weibo. Used by Twitter.
Dutch MountainSun Jan 18 1970
June 2016 : Chinese romance scam. Stay out ! July 2016 : Spam with adult content ( anonymous sex.... ).
Weibo URL shortener being abused for spam redirection/obfuscation and presumably being just as intractable about abuse as twitter's long running shortening misuse.

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