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پر بیننده ترین سایت خبری تحلیلی فارسی زبان جهان

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dangerous site
dangerous site
this web site works as double agent for Iranian dictator leader,
Abuse of wrong political Reports. اخبار به کل غلط و در جهت توجیه دیکتاتوری جمهوری اسلامی
editmysoftwareFri Jan 16 1970
its good site and have most useful political reports
this site belong to one of the rubish commander of revolution military of iran mohsen rezaey just the killer and mad assassin
p3rinceTestFri Jan 16 1970
a reliable news broadcasting site
سلام سایت خوبیه نه از همه لحاظ اما در کل خوبه
this site is very dangerous
this site is very dangerous

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