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taxdefensenow.orgreviews 5

Spam, suspected phishing.


Freedom from tax worries website, don't forget to submit all your personal and financial details from their insecure spammed website – after all, what could be better than free money?


spamming spammers spamming spamtraps affiliate spammers etc.


I've done some work on this site in the past…

It's clearly a lead generation site.

"suspected phishing"?
I'm pretty sure that user does not understand what phishing is. Never does the site try to acquire username, passwords, cc info or other common phishing practices. In addition, it never claims to be anything other than it is… a form requesting contact regarding tax relief services.

As for Privacy, no It's not secured with SSL, which is an issue. However, they're not asking for SSN, CC info or anything. Just collecting basic contact information required to provide services the user is requesting.

BlackWidow73Sat Jan 17 1970

Spammed again on 7/21/14 by these guys. You'd be a fool to trust them with your taxes.

I got spammed with this. Notice the hash busting text, which means this was deliberate spam. Links redirect to this site.

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014
From: Remove IRS_Penalties <>
Subject: IRS Status: Tax offer-compromise

Tax-Settlement Relief Package
Generated for: XXXXXX
(IRS Fresh-Start Initiative Relief)

We have expanded our relief program to help struggling taxpayers. The following settlement package can alleviate much stress and worry.

Tax Relief Package No. 7678583:

Standings with IRS can change Daily.
This Relief Package is not guaranteed after 24 hrs.
IRS-Offer | Offer in Compromise
MSNBC | CNN | Fox_News |
To change you correspondence status with URA Media write-to 152 Crouse St., Mansfield, OH or visit to exit the database.

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