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Dhananjay.KumarSat Jan 17 1970
Is a paid site. Once you complete the IQ test, will ask for money/ paypal or credit card. Does not tell you that you need to pay to see ur IQ results at the time of taking test
The real IQ test is whether or not you're willing to pay for the results you were never told you had to pay for beforehand after the test is done.
Douglas.CruikshankSun Jan 18 1970
already cost too much ten told would cost $19 more for result
bongokoko0Sun Jan 18 1970
Seems fishy
jacksdoneganSun Jan 18 1970
This is a scam. Don't take the test as it will waste you're time.
Would NOT recommend! IQ Test is NOT FREE and you waste your time doing the entire test only to find out AFTERWARDS that you must pay $19.99 to get your results. MAJOR SCAM!

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