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This site is owned by the Malaysian government. It offered unreliable news.
Bon site,
information very reliable
Provence.TThu Jan 15 1970
very good,safe!
get free news, infotainment etc. from here.
koushik007Sat Jan 17 1970
very good site for reading news :)
Provide the latest news, in a rather pleasing template. Friendly website, providing not only news, but also other knowledge, giving updates on any upcoming events, charity, etc.
Richard.LevineSat Jan 17 1970
purports to updates every 5 minutes ,this is a very useful commitment ,i am consciously optimistic,because it would have strong utility if it lives up to this commitment.However this is my first time at this cite,The promise is worth the effort.Put it in front of me for a few months or a year and i will develop an unqualified opinion of its pragmatic reason now is the promise of usefullness.

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