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Daily Media, Humor, Shocking Videos, Rape Videos, slaughter, disturbing videos adult content please be aware.

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theync.comreviews 42
CaptainMouse64Thu Jan 15 1970

If you want the short review – keep kids 18 and under AWAY. If you are at work, this site is one of the true sites that are 100% NSFW, or 'Not safe for work'. Really, you could be fired on the spot if your boss sees the filth on this site.

If you want the long review – read on. This site is what I call a true reality site. They do not hold anything back in any aspect of life. Brutal Violence, Graphic and Shocking Sexual Acts, Rape, Murder.. any terrible thing you can think of is shown fully uncensored.

A lot of the stuff on this site will sicken even adults. If you have seen the '2 girls, 1 cup' internet meme and were upset that you saw it, this site takes it to a level WAY beyond 2 girls 1 cup.

Also of note is that they show uncensored carnage from the fighting in Iraq, and all other places where war is going on no matter how small. If you are a veteran from ANY military and are suffering from PTSD, AVOID this site for it WILL trigger painful memories.

Finally, the reason I went to this site and others like it is that I want to warn people with an honest, real world review of what I saw. I made sure I checked some links, some videos, etc so that my review is correct and not just a knee jerk reaction to the homepage. ( which is quite shocking depending on the videos they are promoting)

P.S. I guess I should note that the site is up most of the time giving it a good vendor reliability. It's video's are also free, like YouTube. Beware of 'trick' videos which take you to another site. Hover your mouse cursor over a video to make sure it will be shown on the site. Look at the bottom left to preview the URL.

EDIT- I forgot to mention that if you like sites like this you probably will enjoy this site. I am not here to judge people and their interests, just the websites. If you enjoy such sites, enjoy.

UndercoverPupilThu Jan 15 1970

Beware of YouTube videos with the watermark, "", especially those containing content from "America's Funniest Home Videos". I got tricked into thinking I would find more AFV clips there, but instead I got a load of filth.


Definitely not for kids!!


This is NS for anyone accept for some with a sick mind!!

How is it even possible this site is marked as green? 😐


…….Lo malo es que tiene muchos anuncios emergentes de dudosa procedencia o de contenido porno……que pueden traer virus o troyanos……..


Детям не желательно.


……Si hay…….de todo un poco, y la verdad hay que saber como utilizar esta página…….

Colorado.ChrisFri Jan 16 1970

This site is a blacklisted shock site.

These sites are intended to be offensive, disgusting, and disturbing to its viewers. They often prevent users from exiting the page and may even lead to constant popups or malware.


Junk porn pop-ups, extremely NSFW content. Junk site all around.


this is the worst website ever i dont recommend any to watch any thing they host


Safety Rating Breakdown


Adult contentGruesome or shockingGood site


70 / 100

Child Safety

8 / 100