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Tibet House US

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Thomas FosterThu Jan 15 1970

Tibet House is a major source of Tibetan cultural information in the United States. Currently it is about to open an exhibition of Tibetan Buddhist cultural artifacts, collected over forty years by a scion of the Buckingham family, of the Buckingham Collections, which began with the Dukes of Buckingham (17th century) and continue to the present time. The Buckingham Collections are a supporter of The Tibet House Exhibition – see

The goals of the Tibet House are cultural, not commercial. For anyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhism, Yoga, the exhibition, beginning 16 Sept, 2010 in New York offers the first chance to see a collection of Buddhist artifacts dating back two millenia, as this is the first exhibition of these items, which took one expert a lifetime to discover and purchase.

The one thing about which I would caution folks, is that there is the offer of a free download which provides the images in 3D. This is a 3rd party download, offered by Firefox, which is quite popular – but it may not work equally well on all computers, and it has a reputation for being heavy on ram – so think it over (there is nothing nefarious here, but a little knowledge about the prospective download might be a good thing for some people.)

As I have heard of Tibet House for many years but only recently visited it onlline (a good experience for me), I can only say that I had no trouble at all.

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