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TopTenREVIEWS is the place to learn about all the latest software, web services, electronics, video games, music and movies. Read insightful software, web services and electronic reviews, compare products, and view expert movie, music and video game reviews and information.

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toptenreviews.comreviews 74

The results promoted on this site, are basically designed to make money for the site owner- not give you the chance to make an informed decision. The "results" are based on how much commission a company being "reviewed" will pay for people who buy a license via this site, and this whole site is basically an affiliate link pot disguised as "real" reviews….some of the reviews are horrendously out of date and inaccurate, and I would suggest looking for a more credible source of information.


They don't list free products. Their reviews are not right. They made this site for purpose to earn commisions.


Tried to install spware on my computer


Why would anyone believe this site.


"Reviews" aren't that good. Seems to give almost anything a recommendation.

JohnnyDollarThu Jan 15 1970

Promotes Rouge Software

BlackMagicThu Jan 15 1970

Supports the distribution of rogue security software.Gives fake reviews.


Their reviews promote for the provider who pays for their advertises of products. Don't believe on the reviews in this site.All reviews on this site are influenced by money/association ID referrals. This is the some way people earn money. If you carefully scrutinize the "Buy now" links on the top 5 rated products, you'll see that they all have an Affiliate ID.Which means the author is getting like 20% commission for each transaction realize via this link. The author send 15 emails to 15 AV companies, asking them to become an affiliate partner. Some of them respond, some don't. Then he stitches up a website with more or less junk info.


It's only a site which pretends to give independent and fair review.

They receive money for promotion of some software. They receive money when you click buy links which has referrer/affiliate scripts. The reviews are influenced by how much money you pay and are so heavily biased.

They will also promote rogue-ware / adware / spyware. They don't care as long as they can earn money by promoting their products.

For more evidence please read section 3.2.1 of the following report:

Any reviews you read here must be taken with a large grain of salt. It's not a site which you can place your trust on.

chickenfriedriceThu Jan 15 1970

this site is an absolute joke,don't believe the crap they put out here


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