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tracfonespotlight.comreviews 1

When comparing whois information on this site's domain registry, and other metrics, I do not believe it to be related to the official tracfone corportation.


1. Email addresses are obfuscated.

2. Does not use the same domain servers as current site.

3. Is hosted at GoDaddy, instead of the self owned servers TracFone, Net10, Straight Talk, and other related telecoms are hosted on.

4. If TracFone was going to change your service, don't you think they would have sent you one of their free SMSes (yes, official ones for notifications, advertising, and notifications of minutes purchased cost you no minutes.)

5. The current, and still operating site would have had a message about this.

Several other warning flags were seen.

Do not give this tracfone spotlight site your login information to They could steal your minutes, and phone ownership.

If you have given your information, go to and change your password immediately!


Safety Rating Breakdown


60 / 100

Child Safety

No Data