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Want to buy or sell? Head to Trade Me, NZ’s biggest & most popular auction & classifieds site, with thousands of new & used items in a wide range of categories.

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bernie.kayThu Jan 15 1970
this site is really good for selling or buying second hand goods. Good security for transactions.
No problems with trademe only a small minority of the vendors are dubious. Take note of users comments.
I find this a great site, apart for now & then hiccups with mantence that you cannot get through if an auction is closing. I find that it is pretty safe for a younger viewer with occasional not so good. I feel that young children should have their parent supervise buying and be 100% responsible, ...privacy is not so safe. Big thumbs up with this sight, it is very trustworthy!
Great site but as usual some vendors take advantage of buyers. Trade Me does its best to weed them out
Excellent Auction site
A great place to trade, and active message boards.
BUT you should be ready to stay without REAL help from Trade Me when you paid to a seller but didn't get goods. They can give info to police about the seller but they say to you that police has not interest to such small problems like $20. It is strange cos the seller didn't send goods to 10 buyers who paid more than $20 even. But Trade Me does not care! Otherwise cos of popularity it is goog site to buy and sell. I'm happy with such opportunity while I'm sitting with my baby at home.
great for trading.
Dishonest behaviour - Trademe protects high volume sellers even when they're doing dodgy things - no protection for buyers at all. If WOT wants I can provide details on Trademe's unethical behaviour.

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