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Tripplay lets you play games, music, books, movies and software directly in your browser or download on your phone, computer and tablet

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tripplay.netreviews 3
bp-browserSat Jan 17 1970

Asks for and checks credit card data after promising free signup. This is misleading, unnecessary and risky.


I used this site to receive a free ebook. This is a site that has you enter your credit card information but doesn't "charge" you. Well, after entering my information, I received a "confirmation" and charge for . When I requested a refund, I received two "return fee's" and they wouldn't refund my money until I called to complain.

My card was also de-activated and my bank called because of the activity.

adrian631330Sat Jan 17 1970

This site claims to require your asked for credit card information simply "Because we are only licensed to distribute our content to certain countries",but won't charge anything except its sadly misleading.You're not supposed to be charged if your account is setup as a free account i closely read the "terms and conditions",and only premium accounts should be charged.Although sadly it doesn't matter which account you choose they took money from my CC although i successfully recovered every penny by hassling my Credit Card company


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