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trutube.tvreviews 15
mikebaldwinFri Jan 16 1970

Nothing wrong with this site, except the views shared on it for some. I get so sick of idiots flagging safe sites here on WOT! Grow up people, just because others have a different view than you, don't try to scare people away by lying about the site! I would vote to have people removed from WOT that lie about the safety of a site. These idiots are going to end up making no one want to use WOT!


Sad that a site tlike that become a "bad rating" just because it is now. This is a very good alternative to the YouTube and is not censored!! Use it and share there and you will see how fast it grows.


I see nothing wrong with this site, freedom of speech is under attach…Its seems to me.


Wonder why alternative web pages ALWAYS rated poor ?


Antisemitische, nazistische Inhalte


russian pill domains, phishing sites



SEO crap on
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There is a problem on the planet earth. Thousands of brown & black Gods are all that's allowed by the 90% dark races and nay mention of ONE single white God is clearly not allowed on this planet and to even suggest there is a white God will be you labeled a racist & bigot.
NO whites God allowed on earth is the bottom line here.
Deems the media never reports the 1600 white people murdered every year by blacks & the 30,000 white women sexually assaulted & raped by black men every year because white deserve to be raped & murdered. But if one single black is a victim of a white person the news jumps on it 24/7 and claims all people are killers & rapist of black people. Whites need to wake up to whats going on & get back to OUR God. Jesus said if not for his return there would be no Israelite left alive. He was talking to white people who have had God's word in their hands from the start & took it into every nation they went.

FlachzangeFri Jan 16 1970

Sehr skurrile Naziseite.Revisionisten basteln ein wenig an der Weltgeschichte rum.Wers braucht.
Nazi Scum.


Good, safe and interesting site. WOT's just being trolled.

Uli.HerrmannSat Jan 17 1970

Rassismus und Propaganda der allerübelsten Sorte.
Ich würde aber jederzeit dafür Sterben dass auch solche Idioten offen ihre Meinung äußern können.
Damit muss eine freie Gesellschaft umgehen können.
Ein Jeder muss das Recht haben, sich lächerlich zu machen. Man kann solchem Bullshit nur durch Bildung begegnen und nicht durch Verbote.
Ausserdem kein Thema für WOT. Hier sollte es um die Warnung vor technischen Gefahren gehen und nicht daraum, die Kompatibilität einer Webseite zu unserem Weltbild zu bewerten.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Opinions, religion, politicsHate, discrimination


49 / 100

Child Safety

41 / 100