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The original software download site, Tucows hosts more than 40,000 virus and spyware free software titles.

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tucows.comreviews 91
web_bot_DEThu Jan 15 1970

Use free- and shareware downloads of this site with caution! My experience over years is such that often programs are infected or malware. Trojan backdoors, keyloggers and spyware are regularily found in some software. On the other hand the offered spectrum and sheer mass of data must be considered against the risk.


paid for the product , no support no return replies from emails, product failed to load . in the end I gave up and canceled my subscription with them


Completly useless software downloads. No cost ever indicated on software that needs paying for after install. Why bother with it. Tuscows need to indicate that the software is not freeware on all payable items.

Go ahead guys, download anything and I promise you will have to pay for it before you can use it. Thats exploitation refined that is!


Bad download site. They try to rip off software engineers.

evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970

They host a lot of what is considered rouge software. For example STOPzilla Anti-Spyware.


Some downloads are good others come with spyware so they force you to buy spywere doctor.Also trojan and other …..


Downloaded the Irfan View Plugin-ins 4.10 and fortunately McAfee intercepted and quarantined Trojan New Thsi file had obviously not been checked.


tried to download some software, AVG told me it was a trojan. Don't trust this site.

martiniqueThu Jan 15 1970

Rogue: not serious propose Quad Registry Cleaner!


Hmm… I feel this website is partly FAKE for two reasons. First reason is that I noticed some of you compaining about them not saying all the software they have is NOT freeware. I agree with you, they SHOULD tell you that because as SOON as you have the program all downloaded, THEN they make you buy it. But the second thing I noticed is that all those FAKE software utilitiy sites…
and other sites with fake software filled with virus and malware are SUPPORTED by this site. Now I'm not saying the WHOLE site is fake, but it does support a lot of fake software… So if you use this site, please use it with caution…


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