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monsterdogThu Jan 15 1970
A word of warning: Don't visit this site at work if you value your job. No porn or anything, it's just guaranteed to get you fired for having zero productivity.
Great site, but here's a word of warning. It's HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. It's like e-crack. Only without the long-term harm.
Prepare to lose time. Lots of time.
great site. very clever, informative, and funny. go on to read up on your favorite show.. hours later you'll find yourself having stumbled through countless pages of information. it's THAT addictive.
The most entertaining and addictive site on the web.
It's like achievements for shows... also, it is wildly entertaining.
InvisibleJester25Thu Jan 15 1970
Entertaining and WILDLY addicting, as well as being very funny. It's tons of fun to read about the fallacies, foibles, and tropes in your favorite comics, TV shows, video games, cartoons, etc. And the authors behind the site have a great sense of humor about most things. Be aware, though, that there's some stuff that's possibly NSFW, such as the Fetish Fuel page - it doesn't show anything, but the descriptions can border on being slightly un-work-safe. There's also some language on occasions. If you let kids browse it, be careful where you let them go, but otherwise, it's a pretty safe site.
mandemon90@gmail.comThu Jan 15 1970
If you have too much spare time, go ahead, visit it! Next you notice that you have been reading about Sonic the Hedgehog for past 4 hours... addictive site
Quite possibly one of the greatest websites on the Internet.
Safe for your computer -- unsafe for your free time.

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