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الأمم المتحدة 联合国 United Nations Nations Unies Организация Объединенных Наций Las Naciones Unidas

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This website has banner images that are used by 419 scammers. This is why this site was graded as such. The website owner may want to relocate the images and make it not possible for direct access.
xandermatheson@gmail.comThu Jan 15 1970
I'm just glad to see that not everyone has discarded this monumental part history.
FracturedPennyThu Jan 15 1970
Great site.
Site is clean of malware and does not engage in illegal activity.
MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970
The NWO Police Company. They have just agreed to support a Bill to allow Internet Eavesdropping which includes looking for BitTorrent users sharing or downloading things. Also the trace-back mechanism was designed to be used by a government that "tries to identify the source of the negative articles" published by an anonymous authors in forums etc.;related They are not Hollywood's/US Govt's Hired Police but seem to be moving in that direction? :(
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This site is being used by scammers sending emails telling people that UNFIP is granting them money.
Jared GrayThu Jan 15 1970
ICT Tools for teachers..
bendulay777Thu Jan 15 1970
It's the United Nations, what else do you say.
rnldsmth73Thu Jan 15 1970
IT is certain that this site is safe as it is the homepage of the United Nations.

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