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Do not trust this website in any way, keep away from this website and do not log on using your data
Удобный сервис для избавления от спама.
Unroll me sold user data to Uber
This service will collect all your emails, analyze them and sell the data to other companies. I'd stay away if you value your privacy. See *****
How in the world can WOT give this site a Good rating considering numerous adverse comments. I am more concerned about WOT then the site itself.
Horrible. There only accessing your mail account to collect all your data...
I signed up yesterday but haven't had any problems as of yet so it seems to be okay but I am still a little suspicious that's why I had to search WOT to see what ratings it got. I also acknowledge that the ratings are submitted by the wot community so high accuracy might be off but not sure. I managed to unsubscribe to a lot of emails but still worried they use my information for 3rd party companies/sites so I'm still keep an eye on them.
Scam site, beware. This website will jsut send your email to other collection companies.
Unfortunately this site doesn't unsubscribe you from any subscriptions. The one and only purpose of it is to access to your mail account and collect your data. I strongly recommend all Gmail users to revoke's access to your mail account in Google's control panel (
First off, I never opted in and yet they send me an invite. Unsubscribe ***** and practice what you preach. How can anyone rate this site excellent when they're just sending invites? BTW: I noticed that there email is in my spam folder on one of my email accounts...That didn't take long.
***** is explicitly designed to gain access to the user's email, mine it automatically for marketing purposes, share the user's personal and other information with other advertisers, advertise at the user, and monitor the user's location. From their privacy policy, as of ***** ( "Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person. ... We collect this information for reasons such as: ... - To offer you tailored content, such as ads ... - To better understand our users, their interests and their preferences" "We may collect, use, transfer, and disclose non-personal information for any purpose." "In cases where you use a mobile device to access our sites we will receive information about the location of your device." And here's the kicker: "We may share personal information we collect with our trusted business partners. We also will share personal information with service providers that perform services on our behalf."
***** helped me to reduce the impact of subscribed emails on my inbox. Not all of them are selected perfectly and they can improve, but they already have saved hours of my life to keep my inbox much more organized. Thank you guys!

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