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The VIA Institute on Character provides the free VIA survey to help individuals discover their unique character strengths. Knowing and applying your character strengths to your life can help you achieve your maximum potential.

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I fail to understand why this site would be rated poorly. It has been developed by reputable academics and the survey is widely used by practitioners in their work.
CJICantLieThu Jan 15 1970
I've used this site as part of university courses and really enjoyed the surveys. I've never had any trouble with the site and don't know why anyone would.
I was required to take a survey from this site by a professor. I don't know why it has bad rep.
Just as CJICantLie mentioned, this is part of my university course... my professor directed me to use this site for a homework assignment.
A survey site with a bunch of psychometric tests, doesn't look like they're mining data to me.
I have NO idea why this site would be rated at poor. It is about Positive Psychology, and is awesome.
seems like they just want to get addressdata.
Thyme LawnFri Jan 16 1970
Unsolicited commercial email sent via
This is an Internationally renowned psyc testing site - many of the people listed on it are leading academics. The classification of this iste is INCORRECT
I have no idea why this site is rated as poor. Maybe because positive psychologie is rather new? Good site IMHO!

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