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Viewster – Watch Free Movies online without downloading. Discover Cool TV-Series and enjoy watching them Online Free. Independent films, latest trailers and lots of entertainment!

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viewster.comreviews 10

I have tested this website using a couple of services like McAffee and found no viruses of other malware.

There are horror films, thus I would not consider it suitable for childrens.

I have a filter, thus pop-ups are never a problem for me now. Still, this website is a valuable reseource for documenaties or other thought-provoking films.


This site has a nice selection of free and legal TV series and movies online with fresh content every week.

VanofEterniaSat Jan 17 1970

Popup from different sites. Use Banner-Rotator or similar.


They do have films that would be rated PG through R.


c'est une plate-forme de streaming légale et VOD avec films, séries et surtout des animés dont certains en simulcast du Japon, avec des sous-titres dans plusieurs langues Donc oui, il y a des pubs avant de voir un épisode

it's a free and legal streaming plateform and VOD, with films, séries and japanese animation, simulcast with subtitles in several langage so there are advertising before watch an episode

Duyen NguyenSat Jan 17 1970

Why not trust? It's still a good site now in 2015. If you hate ads and pop ups, use adblock or adguard extension. No viruses or scams i can say. It's legal and legit to watch movies and tv on viewster. I don't get it that viewster got a bad rating but it's an awesome site.

Liam J. DavidSat Jan 17 1970

Excellent selection of free to watch movies and tv series, especially impressed with the wide variety of Anime!

I will note however there is some content not appropriate for children and parents should be vigilant, otherwise I'm overall impressed with the site except for the adverts that are required to be seen in order to watch the video's, they could do with an ad-free subscription service similar to Crunchyroll maybe! 🙂

renegade2kSat Jan 17 1970

Eine gute Website mit einem Haufen legaler und kostenloser Filme. Dafür macht man recht viel Werbung, um an Geld zu kommen

Constantine_ISat Jan 17 1970

Viewster allows users to stream shows via their website for free, legally (Viewster pays for the rights to the shows). Viewster also provides apps for Android and iOS, and most smart TVs come with a Viewster app preinstalled.

The service is funded by ads, so the video you are watching will occasionally pause while an ad is shown (similar to YouTube, except that there is no "Skip Ad" button).

I have not seen any pop-ups while visiting this site (keep in mind that I have Firefox's automatic pop-up blocker enabled).

Some of the shows on Viewster are inappropriate for children.

While Quttera had blacklisted at the time of your comment, this has since changed (and the link you provided points to the outdated analysis). See the most up-to-date analysis on VirusTotal here:
At the time of my comment, this analysis shows as totally clean. Perhaps had been hacked around the time of your comment?

#entertaining #recommend


Although, they advertise from their sponsors. They don't have pop-ups, but their content is inappropriate for children. Their app is in the Opera TV Store

If malicious ads drops drive-by downloads, please contact viewster.


Safety Rating Breakdown


55 / 100

Child Safety

39 / 100