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Discover thousands of movies, watch your favorite movies online for free on Viooz.

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viooz.coreviews 20

If you go to this site, providing lots of films to watch, be cautious; it is using:
– "", which means potential phishing
– "" and "", both listed in WOT for malicious contents, such as adware, viruses, rootkits (at least, make use of AdBlock Plus to prevent such intrusions on your page)


Movies uploaded over the website are entertaining.

smurfygrl74Fri Jan 16 1970

Like other pirated movie sites, proceed with caution! I haven't had a problem since using, though highly recommend AdBlock and Ghostery if you're concerned about spam and ads. Viewing thumbnails of movies provides some questionable content, especially with adult movies that contain mature themes. Otherwise, lots of classic movies you can't find anywhere else, first-run movies, Bollywood, Independent and Art house films, and lots of family fare. I like this site because the movie can be viewed on the website, often HD quality and there are no outside links where you're liable to encounter a virus or phishing scam. Like very much!


Malicious per Norton Safe web (as of June 25th). Also the site hosts copyrighted material, the downloading of copyrighted material puts you legally liable.

muzammilrafiqFri Jan 16 1970

Movies are updated regularly, though some ads makes problems.

anestesia420Fri Jan 16 1970

The video worked very well…..slightly blurry, but good sound quality…I didn't download the hd vid plugin though, it seemed suspicious!


Spamming spammers spamming spamtraps

'dating' site : hxxp://momosa. com/swPGDV.html redirect to http://gglove. us/

Passive DNS for

Records found: 19420


I've streamed many movies from this website thru my PC to the tv and have never encountered any type of malware.
I didn't rate for "suitability for children" cuz i don't have kids-i don't think about such stuff.

Lots of good movies here,especially hard-to-find film noir/ crime/thriller flicks from the 1940's/50's.

When i created an account,they never asked for any personal info.,unlike some other sites i've visited.

jackoftrustSat Jan 17 1970

quality at times can be questionable due to streaming, and loading/searches takes a bit of time, but considering the range of titles available it's great to use. i've had Ad Block Plus on the whole time using it, so i've never experienced the issues others have mentioned.

ownership is unverifiable at, so that makes me a bit suspicious. but no additional downloads are necessary to play, so it should be safe enough.


This site has some adult content. The reason I visit this site is because of high video quality and impressive movie database. It also has good design. For protection, use Ghostery and Adblock.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOther


82 / 100

Child Safety

74 / 100