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PublicwifiThu Jan 15 1970
Who wants to pay for VMWare when you can use this for free?
Virtualization tool. more:
I love this desktop virutalization tool. I played with this before Sun bought them, and even then I knew this program would go far. If you have a lot of Linux distros you want to try out instead of burning and wasting CD's then this tool is for you. ;)
Helpful desktop virtualization tool by Sun.
brainblasterThu Jan 15 1970
recommended Virtualization for your Desktop. 64-bit compatible. Linux as Guest optimal.
Community based and (but) hosted and owned by SUN.
A virtualisation tool that doesn't require hardware virtuallisation support, supports 3D acceleration in guest OSes, and offers easy access to USB devices.
Great virtualization software for free. Absolutely recommendable...
The ShadowThu Jan 15 1970
The best virtual environment software ever created!
A good virtualization solution.

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