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Adult Content, though most are hidden by spoiler tag unless clicked
Useful site which have a lot of useful information for Visual Novel. The best Visual Novel Database!
adult+hentai+porn content games etc
Сам сайт является прекрасной базой визуальных новелл, однако имеет 18+ контент. Не считаю это страшным преступлением.
A great database for visual novels with alot of good information about companies, games etc . The site contains many adult games often accompanied with pornographic screenshots. Definitely not for children.
BadpornisbadFri Jan 16 1970
Has the tag "lolicon" which means this site may have animated depictions of under aged girls. I would NOT recommend this site as this content is not only disgusting but illegal in many places.
Badde.LiyanageSat Jan 17 1970
best site. for the one who says under girl themes. why don't you say the same thing about under age boys in milftoon? it's more worst.
Sitio web que trata sobre una base de datos sobre las novelas visuales(eroges), esta disponible en 10 idiomas. No es apto para menores de edad.
ganon11000Sat Jan 17 1970
A detailed database of visual novels that also have a nice listing function (Think MyAnimeList)

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