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great website alternative to reddit now that reddit is a shithole
Website for sharing text posts and link. Be careful, NSFW content is on this site, even though this kind of content are explicitly marked as such.
Violet.ViridianSat Jan 17 1970
It is an online community. Most places and content are safe for children. However, in any community there are always exceptions. Monitor their usage accordingly.
It's a forum so you will definitely see adult content, which is marked as NSFW though. And because it's a forum, you might stumble over all kinds of nonsense. The site itself is legit though.
May.SparkleSat Jan 17 1970
When the site actually works, which is rare, the vast majority of its use is as a hub for Neo-Nazis. Functionality wise its almost no different from Reddit, aside from worse servers, but its origins as a reaction to reddit's removal of hate subs are obvious, the activity on the site that's not a "resurrected" hatespeech sub is at best a footnote.
A free speech Reddit alternative that has more crazies than you can shake a stick at. But, that means if you have something to say, you say it, there is not walking on eggshells to actually get your point across.
Madbrad200Sat Jan 17 1970
It's a reddit clone like no other...well, maybe not. It's a reddit clone with a different look, different terms and a more right wing leaning. It's still in Alpha stage as I write, so some features don't work so well (such as messaging the moderators) and it doesn't have a obvious way to report spam. Like reddit, it also has it's host of hate subreddits like /u/fatpeoplehate, among others. As well as questionable subreddits...I mean, subverses. Voat has a, perhaps forced, policy of no censorship. I had previously mentioned /v/jailbait in this review as one of the questionable subverses, but that has now been banned. The mod log is forced to be public, and mods can only have 10 subverses.
RedSocks157Sat Jan 17 1970
Awesome website with a welcoming community!
In looking for an alternative to Reddit that's smaller I found out about this site and decided to check it out. It's an opinion site so I expected to find stuff I didn't agree with; what bothered me was a thread *on the front page* (so obviously, rated fairly high) that had not only two NSFW comments but also two others, one of which was homophobic and one of which used a term that was overtly racist. And that was all in the same thread. If that kind of thing is popular enough to make it to the front page it's not the kind of place I want to hang out on. I'd try to block it but that experience is memorable enough for me to remember not to ever go back. EDIT: I just noticed another review stating that NSFW stuff is marked. This thread was not, so I'm adding "poor customer experience" for unreliability.
This site promotes misinformation, rumour, gossip and discrimination and as such is not a valid source of news.

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