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Jack.SmithsonSat Jan 17 1970
Good site to share files and chat at the same time. Also, the site protects your anonymity and privacy. Just another reason why it is good. Creating new rooms helps with the spam and virus issues. Now, only those who you give the url to will be able to see.
The_SmasherSat Jan 17 1970
site for uploading files. no account system, so sometimes viruses and illegal content is uploaded. allows adult content
Fast filesharing site. Allows users to stay anonymous.
jaffacolinSat Jan 17 1970
Good site, great alternative since TPB is down, good move and TV sharing site.
Filesharing site with user-generated content. Requires direct links, so no content visible from main page.
neat little site - but hopefully not little for long!
The website is a great experience when used with friends.
Dolores.GreatamskySun Jan 18 1970
Volafile is a file sharing site that does not allow file sharing half the time because one of the moderators (Kakk) has a feud with some user who thus attacks the site. The feud is over said moderator using the n-word a lot. When file sharing works, there is a lot of porn and sometimes viruses, but also some nice music and movies and funny files and even memes. Volafile also was one of the sites where the hacked pictures of female actors were posted. Disgusting! But the users are to blame for that, not the site itself.
Pretty fast with a strong privacy policy. Dosn't have any advertisements or pop ups either.
its actually a great filesharing site and it doesn't require an account which is great, the problem with it are the rooms

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