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LenneDalbenSat Jan 17 1970
The website is good for streaming shows, but it does take a long time to load, so you're better off pausing it and coming back to it so you don't have to keep waiting for it to buffer.
Fake video script directs to known malicious website ( to "update to the latest version" of video player. If you can avoid clicking the fake video then the site is ok, but not good. Also has a script for
If you have adblocking software, use it to block the video player with a circular play button, as it hides the link to the actual video.
gooddealz99Sun Jan 18 1970
BEWARE:Never clicked on any ads now I am receiving non stop naked fake sms text.I get the needs for ads but why can't it just be real no worry.use the bypass apps to avoid site altogather.

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