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vydoxtrial.comreviews 4

They seem to have put a bit more effort than usual into this one. Seems to be a 'Premium Nutraceuticals' brand whoever they are with payment processing apparently in real time on the same website using https with an error message via, phone number listed as 800-468-7861 and contactus email at . That aside it's the usual herbs 'n' spices penis pill that arrives in quantity everywhere all the time.

jwweber55434Sat Jan 17 1970

Company sells snake oil for male enhancement. There is absolutely no evidence to back up product claims. Spam mail does not provide a link to unsubscribe. They offer you a free sample in exchange for giving them your credit card number and then they keep sending you product every month and charging your credit card. Once they have you hooked, it is almost impossible to get off the program.

We have seen this scam thousands of times before.


spam emails for alternative/controversial medicine (adult content/enhancement-related)

these products are scientifically disproven and purchasing them from a spammer can be physically/psychologically harmful and may even kill you

never buy from a spammer

hawkeye1111Sat Jan 17 1970

Involved in the spreading of an huge quantity of UCE/UBE messages regarding a male enhancement drug.


Safety Rating Breakdown


42 / 100

Child Safety

1 / 100