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flyinhawaiianThu Jan 15 1970
Strict porn rules
Contains warez, but all are verified safe and porn is strictly forbidden on Warez-BB. I remind you, Warez-BB does NOT host these warez, it is simply a forum for people to post RapidShare, MegaUpload, etc. links to files, videos, music, etc. The site itself does NOT host anything illegal, it is simply a forum for people to give links to THEIR software, movies, music, etc.
The most warez is virus-free! Great Site !
Nice safe forum. Posts that contain viruses or spam are deleted immediately. Although it is a warez forum, it is 100% safe.
FreedomOverdoseThu Jan 15 1970
strict porn rules :)
Safe site
Good forum very interesting ass well I you know what you are looking for
moorejameselliotThu Jan 15 1970
2.25 million registered members has to say something!!
Safe site but contains Warez.
nice "informational" site

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