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Watch anime online, You can watch anime movies online and english dubbed. Our site to watch animes. Best online animes series here.

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watchcartoononline.comreviews 37
anonymous1234Thu Jan 15 1970 appears to be a site that hosts a multitude of links to various full episodes of several cartoons… (there is certainly a lot there, from South Park, to Naruto, to the Pokemon anime) … itself is merely a place to group all the links for all the anime, since it says that it does not host any videos.

Additionally, is safe, as far as I can see. (and it manages to remain legal enough, I suppose, with the Legal Disclaimer they have)

Vash the StampedeFri Jan 16 1970

This site contains entertaining full episodes of cartoons and anime; however, ad and popup blockers may be required before entering the site; I have encountered nothing malicious from the site, but the ads are all around the otherwise commercial-free, HD, and wonderful videos. Use AdBlock Plus and this site gets an A+.


Some of there advertising isn't safe at all be carfull.

animelover0Fri Jan 16 1970

got several viruses when visiting the site. BEWARE!!!!!!!

marijuana_activistFri Jan 16 1970

This site allows you to watch free anime and as with most animes, you will find some that are more sexual than others. The most on this site that I have PERSONALLY seen were boobs and butt, HOWEVER, I don't really watch anime on this site, I usually watch South Park, Futurama, Adventure Time, Archer, Robot Chicken and American Dad.
If you get Adblock Plus from you won't get pop-ups on this site. Before I got Adbolck Plus I have seen what are probably scams to play x-rated rpg's online that most likely have viruses on them.
This would HAVE TO BE one of, if not the, BEST sites to watch cartoons/anime and cartoon and anime movies EVER!



This site has some sort of auto-forwarding script on it that sends visitors to the sites of their advertisers. Extremely shady.

sexua1frustrationFri Jan 16 1970

I would've been like the rest of you and would have complained about all of the annoying ads and popups that were very shady imo. However, it got to the point where I couldn't even click the play button because ads were block it. So I gave up and downloaded Adblock extension for Chrome, and there's no ads. I seriously would recommend it for this site.

Yodi WildfireFri Jan 16 1970

Very nice site.
But like all simular site's use script & ad Blocker's too make it user friendly.
I use it on regular basis for watching my favorite show's.

Smiling FoxSat Jan 17 1970

Very nice cartoon streaming site, nothing to complain about.
However some of the animated series are for adults and might contain content inappropriate for children, so don't let them navigate the site alone

williamtsniSat Jan 17 1970

Good site, but contains too many ads. Use AdBlock if you want to visit this website.


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90 / 100

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