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I recently began getting spam from this sight saying that a "friend" named "Chinco Dorqe" was trying to get in touch with me. Never been there, never heard of.

daperrote6168Thu Jan 15 1970

a social site for people who travel alot. No problems, been member for two years.

Most people who feel that they are getting spam clearly dont read the pages. The site is very well designed and upfront to their users. Keep it up WAYN

rateronlineThu Jan 15 1970

very useful to meet other travelers around the world

IrishMASMSFri Jan 16 1970

domain used in spam/phish email for "someone leaving me a message'

RichMorrisThu Jan 15 1970

These idiots that report they have been spammed double opted in to receive their mailings. They agreed to receive email from Wayn. These is a very good social site!

The site also won Website of the year award for 2007 and 2008

laurentdubrieThu Jan 15 1970

Great Website – been a member for a few months now and really enjoying – much better than most social networks

Registration caused spam for me and contacts

This site has changed so much for the better!! I used to use WAYN years ago and found it to be quite busy, but they have come along way and now I use it almost every day – keep up the good work!

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