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NotBuyingItFri Jan 16 1970
Controversy: Serious questions have been raised whether this firm has been grossly unethical in abusing its Creative Commons licensing to freely copy, distribute and transmit or adapt compositions. See
To the folks posting "Nice details from wikitravel by wikimedia " or "Travel guide from Wikimedia ", YOU HAVE BEEN HAD. This piece of ad-ridden garbage is not the work of Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. It only looks vaguely similar in layout to legitimate Wikimedia projects because the WMF makes its custom-built wiki software (MediaWiki) available as a free download for anyone... even sites parodying Wikipedia. Wikimedia has a travel guide... at One can tell the sites apart very easily, as Wikivoyage (like any other project of the 501c3 non-profit Wikimedia Foundation) is free of advertising, while this heap of spam shows at least two ads per page (one for air bookings, one for hotel bookings) and an outdated copy of the same text that's on Wikivoyage. Unfortunately, this site is still editable and promoters therefore are routinely inserting text touting their own hotels. Make the mistake of visiting this site without Firefox's AdBlock extension and the level of advertising becomes worse still, to the point where ads crowd out content.
As everybody can manipulate the copy, the reliability is somewhat dubious.
Wikitravel (or Internet Brands) doesn't own the content on this website. It's owned by its respective authors. Internet Brands claims to be using the content under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license like that used for Wikipedia articles. Only one problem... they do not comply with this license. They have systematically removed any means of downloading data, which puts them in violation of the "share alike" provision in the free license. As violation of the license terms ends the license to use the content, this site should be shut down on behalf of the authors of this material. They have also commenced frivolous and vexatious litigation against a number of authors, a very dumb move for a site based on free content written by others, and the site itself is ad-ridden garbage. If you want facts, go to Wikipedia and give this site a miss.
Human, Planet EarthThu Jan 15 1970
Old and Outdated information about Belize in German Language.
Zammy67rocks2Thu Jan 15 1970
Travel guide from Wikimedia.
Grimreaper42Fri Jan 16 1970
like all wikis normal people may edit certain content but nonetheless a very useful site for those travelling
This site has a lot of things wrong with it. Wikitravel used to be a great site for travel, but things have changed since 2009. The website is now corporately-owned and run, meaning the primary goal is profit and not the spread of travel knowledge. Ads are littered across the site and popup in your face. The volunteers of the site who created and curated the content requested for years for technical and feature support, but were simply ignored. So when they got up and left for the Wikimedia Foundation in 2012, the corporation responded by suing unpaid volunteers who had helped make it happen. Of course, the case was thrown out of court, but it goes to show how evil this company truly is. Finally, as there are no more volunteers who actively check the site, it is now overrun by spam and false information. I call upon you to compare the guides between Wikitravel and Wikivoyage, the WMF alternative, and see for yourself how degraded the WT guides are becoming.
A Wiki type of travel guides, very informative and useful. :)
All Contents are Child Friendly, Your Kid will be safe here :)

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