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The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences and seamless and secure communication.

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As amazing as this may sound, this sight may not be totally under Microsoft's control if at all. What got my attention is the name extension of .net - something I've never seen on a Microsoft website. The extension should be .com. Any way after checking out the information and getting inconclusive data, I found this at about this web page. What is the current listing status for This site is not currently listed as suspicious. ** Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 12 time(s) over the past 90 days. What happened when Google visited this site? ** Of the 54432 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2015-01-05, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2015-01-05. ** Malicious software includes 6271 virus, 94 trojan(s).
Where are people getting info? oh, wow... 22 malicious files, quttera ip address Reverse records found more... so far recorded 2 historical records for # Hostname IP PTR Date Recorded 1 15/11/2011 23:04:18 2 15/11/2011 23:04:40 Host: ( 5 H ) Current IP*: IP PTR: ASN: 8075 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corporation,US This hostname also resolves to the following IPs: IP Address AS# Hostname (25) 8075 doesn't matter who owns it, matters who uses it.
SmankusorsFri Jan 16 1970
Owned by Microsoft Corporation.
Website owned by Microsoft Corp
legit website for microsoft... what's up with the neg comments? must be apple fanboys lol
I have used this site and found the contents useful and informative.
Used by my credit union for displaying info...
Owned by Microsoft Corp.
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
Official Microsoft Corporation owned and operated website.
Owned by Microsoft Corp.

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