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***** is site that allows you to download free movies, up to 1500mb, with a limit of 4000mb or there about in three days. A conservative estimate is that they have a few thousand movies listed. Many of these center around the WIP in the name, Women in Prison. However, if they have 10,000 movies, you do not get to download that many, even if you pay for a subscription. This breaks down to threes. One third of the movies are over 1500mb in size.One third was broken in some way or form. And, one third seem to download fine. If you upgrade, you can get larger files and faster. This site isn't as bad as some, taking hours to download, but it can take a while. The third that are broken also comes in threes. One third can't be found. One third do not have links show up to download from. The final third appear to download fine. When you try to open them, however, they are pixelated. The pixelated ones may play or they may freeze. You may have picture with no sound or you may have a mixture. Some freeze for a scene, with vocal, then skip only to freeze again. There seems little point in complaining here. You can attempt to write the owner but attempts have resulted in comments not being posted and no response from the owner. How the responses being posted come up are unknown. As another reviewer has commented, content can be extreme. There are more than a few adult movies on this site. These include soft core porn and hard core porn from different countries. This wouldn't be too bad if they were accurately labeled. Some R rated movies are listed as Soft Core and some Soft Core are rated as R or not rated as adult. Some Soft may be Hard and vice versa. It probably won't be a problem to most adults who don't mind this type of film, but for minors it may be a problem. There is also a problem with movie descriptions and reviews. It would seem that the owner or at least the person who posts the movies does not speak English well. Some reviews make no sense what-so-ever when read. Posters or images of the movie may be incorrect and so may links to IMDb. It can be hit or miss. Sometimes even the language the movie is in. It may say English but the version may be Russian. Some do have subtitles. Some are hard, some soft. Some are English but most aren't. So far, no Maleware, viruses, phishing, scams, SPAM, or PUPS have shown up. In this respect, it seems safe. The download page does have a movie file attached that plays. This may be connected to adult content, such as Chaturbate, or something else. Other than nudity, some movies may be offensive due to age or gore. Usually the movies are so bad that they are funny, even with the gore, but some just gore. There are at least three films that appear to have actual animal violence in them. Animals being killed or attacked by other animals. There may be more. If the owner would fix the problems on the site, I could rate it higher. But, to only get about a third of the movies, I can't. There is also an interesting trend. You can download a movie one month and the same movie suddenly jumps to over 1500mbs the next.
Helpful is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
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