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Wondershare offers Video Software, PDF Tools, PC Utilities for Mac and Win users to convert & edit videos, photos or PDF files, make photo slideshow etc.

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diego meirelesFri Jan 16 1970
spam dont test sotware wondershare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970
Engaged in spamming!
AaronOlds84Sat Jan 17 1970
Wondershare is a fine product, but it comes with sticky bloatware!, and others that interfere with the
Mark.BuseySat Jan 17 1970
This site promises a free converter, but after installation tells you that it will only convert 1/3 of the video unless you pay $50.00. SCAM SCAM
forum spammer
CocodelapuffSat Jan 17 1970
I had found the link to this company and downloaded the software - followed the exact steps. Noticed that while installing my antivirus kept asking permission for these weird .exe files to run. before I clicked no or yes I looked them up on my phone and sure enough virus. This happened 3x after that. I said no to all. Funny after I said no I could not get past step 2. It says it can find Galaxy S5 but nope not mine. So today there was the "ad" for the program and silly me thinking maybe I got an infected file - mind you after that nightmare I cleaned my whole computer - I went to the site and clicked on download and my antivirus blocked the page as a "potential threat". That answers my questions of if this program will work.
Not Free,. You can use it but it adds a logo unless you buy it
barnowl147Sat Jan 17 1970
My virus software (VirusBarrier) found ad ware buried in two of the apps this site offers.
Offers program that modifies ALL your PDF files. Then demands US$80 to continue using program. DON't DOWNLOAD!! LEAVE SITE ASAP.
useful and informative website.

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