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Woozworld, an amazing virtual world and social network for tweens where creativity is the only limit! Play games, create your own world, make new friends and much more! Come join the party, it's free!

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I like this site


Maintenant, tout est payant, et à chaque fois ils nous incitent de plus en plus à payer…. Inscription gratuite MON C…


Like it too

judy.smithSat Jan 17 1970

My daughter had an account. A message was left from another player, who had to've been an adult, because it was full of sexual harassment and wanting to meet her and the persons friends wanting to meet her. The players are anonymous so you have no idea who your child is talking to unless you know the person in real life. I believe this site should be marked for enticement, hate speech, child pornography and possible kidnapping. My computers had viruses from my daughter being on them. I messaged the company and after two days still didn't recieve a reply and the messengers profile was not removed. It can be a safe website as long as your child uses it front of you and not able to add anyone they don't know in real life.


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91 / 100

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91 / 100