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kenilchattieroSat Jan 17 1970

I think workaway is amazing and revolutionary.

This site and his concept is just magic, something that before was an utopia, now is reality.

Thanks for this, people of workaway.

I like the site, the concept and the people on it, but I have a remark about the feedback system on the site:

When you leave a feedback the moderators have to approve it, this is kind of censorship, why not make all feedback automatically public and give the persons the possibility to report, comment, "like" or "dislike" it?
A bit like it happens in Youtube, there the users auto-regolate them-self in a democratic way.

It would be nice also to have kind of resume of the feedbacks (couchsurfing style), like this a person can see at once how many positive/neutral/negative feedback are there.

Workaway staff wants maybe to keep the site really "clean" and spam free, that's why they review every single change you do to your ad (as host), I find this excessive.

Before reviews are published on the profile the workaway staff has to check it.
I find it not correct, because they should be published immediately, also for safety and ethical reasons.
Often it happened that some negative reviews I left didn't appear at all!

zidenajjarSun Jan 18 1970

web scam it demands money


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Good site


77 / 100

Child Safety

93 / 100