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Free to play award-winning online game World of Tanks — MMO-action about World War II tanks. Official site: support, forum, FAQ, download the game.

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worldoftanks.comreviews 26
ArtimonierFri Jan 16 1970

I searched for WOT and found this instead of Web of Trust.

volubleasteroidFri Jan 16 1970

GREAT game but 3 invisible tracking cookies


Best game for me and my friends. IMHO better then WOW


The game itself is all right but there are at least three issues I have with this game: 1) Very likely the most microtransaction heavy free to play game I have played (I put in 1,600 battles since Aug '12) and if you want more tanks in your garage, you have to pay up. Same applies to 30+ USD Premium tanks which are unbalanced versus standard tanks

2) The game gets extremely grindy after tier 5, expect to play the same map dozens of times in the rotation of 15 or so maps available.

3) Game moderators can be very strict, sometimes absurdly over minor or moderate things but the forums are even worse. I had a non-WOT topic in off topic get me a 0 point warning because not only because I wanted to make a Doom specific topic, but they took me linking to my YT page a bit zealously, same applying to a topic about WOT speaking of stupid player behavior being called "Non-constructive" by mods.

Play the game, AVOID the in-game general chat and especially the game's forums!

treyallanknarr87Fri Jan 16 1970

Nothing they're doing – it's just, I'm not sure I'd necessarily want my kid to be playing this. At least til they're 14.

NeckernameFri Jan 16 1970

This website has ValuClick and AdWord trackers. ValuClick is from (ad service) and AdWord is from google ad services. These are harmless, but nonetheless they do track internet activity.

Piggelty pippFri Jan 16 1970

Good site


This game is made in 'historical spirit', although roughly a quarter of its battle machines were existing on projects only. Damage taking is not realistic, but the gameplay is various, having 9 nations (presently), 5 classes of battle machines, and 10 tiers for each of them. So it requires different tactics. I like this game. But would not recommend for children under 12-15




world of tanks reconnait directement notre location sans demander une autorisation


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93 / 100

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91 / 100