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Shop for the latest fashion women's dresses, sweaters, outerwears, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches & accessories from at amazingly cheap prices.

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SpammyScamHunterSat Jan 17 1970

Scam site beware. This vendor sells poor quality replicates, spamvertises, takes months to process orders, ignores messages, and refuses refunds.

Read hundreds of customer complaints by looking through the comments made on its Facebook posts.

Do not believe that you'll be one of the lucky ones and have satisfactory customer experience.

I have never written a review before, however I am so outraged by their business practices I am hoping to warn others! "DON'T SHOP HERE! The low prices and cute clothes are very enticing however the quality is extremely cheap and does not look like the picture at all! The sizes run 2 sizes too small and the clothes are uncomfortable and itchy due to bad quality. Forget about trying to return anything. You will have to pay an outrageous price to ship it back to China and though it is not stated anywhere on their website they will not give you a full refund! I asked them 5 different times where their return policy was listed and they always managed to avoid the question. They are extremely unprofessional and unethical! I am still going back and forth with them trying to get my refund and it has been almost three months. Absolutely not worth the trouble!!!!" view to help others learn about this online business

claire81181Sat Jan 17 1970

TOTAL CON! Be warned if ordering from the UK, you WILL have to pay "customs" charges to get your items. This is on top of the shipping charge they take from you at checkout. After paying the post office £25.00 in customs charges, I did get all my items – and wish I hadn't bothered. The coat I ordered had threads hanging off it everywhere. The button holes were too small for the buttons so it can't be fastened unless I cut big holes in the coat. A handbag I ordered broke the first day I used it. The zip broke so I had to walk around all day with my bag wide open. Absolutely disgraceful company. Yes the stuff is cheap, but there is a reason for that! It will break after a day. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

I did not subscribe but emails that weren't wanted come and the site is untrusted when it comes to spam

I made a purchase on on 1/16/2015. When I reviewed the status of my order after purchase it showed as shipped 1/17/2015. As of today, 2/27/2015 I still have not received my order. I've submitted several tickets to the customer service department, the first response was that shipping could take 10-15 business days and since I didnt pay extra for tracking they could not tell me where my package is. The second response I received was shipping could take 15-30 days. There was no response to my 3rd inquiry. I would have liked for them to at least give me some sort of idea of when I would be receiving my purchase. At this point I feel as though I've been scammed. This company stole my money as they did not deliver what I paid for. Since I've made my purchase and never received it Ive read numerous reviews on people with similar experiences as mine. I will never again make any purchase from this fraudulent company and I will encourage my friends and family to not purchase anything from them either. The clearly are in the theft business having folks spent their hard earned money on products they never receive.
Order Number: L1501161158532673
Status: Shipped out
Order time: 01/16/2015 12:58:53 PM
Tracking Details >> BJ14214485651780

Toa Of JusticeFri Jan 16 1970

I don't know where they got my e-mail address from, but I bet their methods were not entirely legal. I'd recommend blocking them outright rather than unsubscribing through the links in their e-mails.

Caution! Custom made dresses from China are often substandard. Do not get fooled by the images on the website, they are most likely stolen from other sites.

Read about wedding dress scams:

certified_FABULOUSSat Jan 17 1970

Returns are impossible…plus you have to pay to ship back to China, plus fill out customs paperwork. Not worth it. Clothes run VERY small since they are from China.

mandy.fullerSat Jan 17 1970 sells poor merchandise and does not stand behind the items they sell. Do not buy from them! I ordered 4 items from the in May 2014, it took a month to receive the items. All 4 were faulty, one had stitching out and 3 were sized incorrectly according to their provided sizing. I have been contacting their customer service/support team from 22 days and still so not have a refund.

If you buy from this company, consider it a final sale. If they let you return the items, you have to send them to China which is expensive. They may also want to charge you a restocking fee, making the return essentially a wash.

The sizes are all wrong, even if you use their conversion chart. The quality is dreadful; cheap fabric, poor stitching, and poor quality zippers and buttons.

Finally, I suspect any "positive" reviews are artificial.

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