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Always presents truth in an objective presentation backed by sources and facts. An outstanding speaker and researcher. Should be fully followed and embraced by all.
Site of information.
they are spreading false news and spreading hate.
Promotes negative stories, tries to make everything about some sort of Islamic conspiracy. Very biased.
Safe to browse and will not harm your PC. Negative ratings are from the usual types that hate truth or free speech or simply disagree so they voice their opinion against the site. Very common in WOT these days and simply shows not to trust their opinions.
Contrary to some who consider this a hate-filled site, I find that those are the people that bury their heads in the sand and don't want to face the fact that we are in a war with extremist Muslims that plunder and kill on a whim. I appreciate the factual and accurate reporting this site gives. Until and unless people wake up and see what is happening in the REAL world, nothing will ever be done to curb these fanatics. This site gives me the tools to disseminate to my family and friends so that we can be cognizant of the dangers facing all of us. We don't live in a Utopian society and this site provides me the accurate and factual information I need.
Rather extraordinary claims. (at the article i'm reading now, the source is Dailymail) Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Oh, but I agree the people below who shout idiotic things like "racism" and "islamophobia" are also not to be taken serious. Actually, those guys. this site and religion are all silly and stupid if you ask me.But you sure will have a laugh about this site for its claims and sources. Rest assure, most is probably not true.
A website that is well known for attacks against Islam and Muslims in general.
Opponents of releasing factual information about Islamic jihad try to dismiss the site as "Islamophobic" and racist, etc. It is not. It is blunt, but factual. I might caution somewhat against letting children go here. The site sometimes posts photos of incidents that are a bit graphic. Unavoidable, given the subject matter, in my opinion. " I trust this site.
Hate site. Before you say WOT is not intended for this purpose, please note the categories available to rate a site as. WOT admins please investigate possible rating manipulation.
Tells the truth many in the media and government do not have the courage to report.
This is a hateful site aimed at poisoning the minds of non-Arabs/Muslims by disseminating biased and bigoted headlines. The misinformation on this site is the worst of the worst. It paints *all* Arabs/Muslims in a negative light, is obviously slanted and anti-semitic in nature.
I have no doubt that some will consider this a hate site. But, it is not! It simply reports the news accurately. Like or not, these attitudes and actions are prevalent throughout the Middle East, and Islamic Supremacists' view of Jews and Christians are accurate. I wish it were not so.
Extremist Islamophobia site. Blames the entirety of Islam for the acts of the minority of extremist terrorists. Attacks on moderate muslims for terrorist acts.
Factual information about the threat of violence claiming justification in Islam. Not extremist, hate-mongering or racist, does not incite to violence, and does not attempt to paint *all* Muslims as violent or hateful, regardless of what those who try to whitewash such acts and suppress criticism claim.
Hate speech, fear & war mongering, Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, ethnic, cultural and religious chauvinism ! Lies, myth-making, incitement of violence toward certain group of people based on their religious preference and ethnic/national origin and background - the list goes on and on !!! Fascism and xenophobia in its purest form ! Thank you WOT for the opportunity to unmask these and similar websites whose sole purpose is to poison Internet and human kind in general - it's small but important contribution on your part, and on part of all these users/contributors to WOT system !
This website provides accurate information. I cannot find an untruthful or misleading article here.
Excellent site. Well-documented reports on Islamic fundamentalism. Muslims may keep flagging this website, but they cannot hide the truth.
Typical anti-Muslim hate site which uses disinformation to create hatred and promote genocide and discrimination against Muslims and Middle Eastern people.

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