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Is safe? Reviews & Ratings offers a free Linux forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, installation, networking and much more.

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Nice linux forum!~

brainvisionThu Jan 15 1970

Linux users are often people who really love to share their knowlodge.. and this is just another proof!
Very good place, not for newbie, where asking help is always permitted..
My only negative word about is about the numerous (maybe too much!) advertising present on it. This make me a little worried about privacy. Just a little, really; in general, I trust them!

szczerbo1507Thu Jan 15 1970

Strona o tematyce Linux i open source.

szczerbo1507Thu Jan 15 1970

Strona o tematyce Linux i open source.

safe for kids

rusty shacklefordThu Jan 15 1970

Another good place to find answers for your Linux problems.

Informative site.

brucecadieuxThu Jan 15 1970

Best Linux forum on the internet

Linuxrich1Thu Jan 15 1970

An excellent resource.

Great linux info. Q & A from some of the best admins and coders.

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Good site


94 / 100

Child Safety

94 / 100