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My experience with yellow pages online "" or "" has been a NIGHTMARE! ( like everyone else here!! ) THEY are the WORST company I have ever advertised with!!! I signed up for a 1 year deal with mts yellow pages phone book and took an online ad with "" online. My whole year has been, I get no invoices for 3 months, then get collection calls for the outstanding amount. I argue that I never got ANY invoices. They send the invoices by email and I pay them. Then AGAIN I get no Invoices for 3 months, more collection calls. Again I tell them I got no Invoices. They email me the invoices and I pay them. THIS CYCLE continued for the WHOLE YEAR! Add to that, the return on the advertising was hugely diminished by mistakes they make on my online ad. The proof I okayed was fine, but the ad they put up had the wrong address for almost four months. (yes I know I should have checked but I trusted that if the proof was right the ad would be done right as well. ) The location they had for me on the online map, was way off. Almost 1/2 the city away! I "might" take an ad in the yellow pages phone book again. BUT NEVER EVER with yellow pages online!! They are the WORST COMPANY I have ever dealt with! ( They seemed to have very LOW TRAFFIC and counted impressions (not unique visitors) to hype the stats. (counting impressions counts everybody and everything they click on.) Normally they should be counting unique visitors for more realistic stats. Then after ALL the problems throughout the whole year, Sending collections after me again and again (when I didn't even have an invoice to pay!!). They told me one more payment and the contract was over! ( so I made one more payment. Relieved to be FREE of this horrible incompetent company ) THEN a couple months later they are calling AGAIN!! "Oh you owe one more payment of $60.00" So I told them where to go, reminding them: "you said ONE MORE PAYMENT and it would be over!! SO ITS OVER!!" They hounded us for almost 15 months, PHONED, FAXED, EMAILED and even sent REGISTERED LETTERS, THEN THEY SENT COLLECTIONS AFTER ME! For $60.00? I asked the collection company to show me the signed agreement that they would bill me under. ( the same thing I asked ypg to show me many times AND THEY IGNORED THE REQUEST! ) TURNS OUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE A SIGNED AGREEMENT, but harassed me for 1 1/2 years after anyway . . RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! ( Spare yourself all the trouble I had!!! )
Be careful. They rush with the order to get it live, probably so they can get the revenue and commissions rolling. Then make mistakes that negatively effect your ad without having confirmed info before it goes live. Then take months to fix their mistakes, with lots of apologies every time you call. Poorly run organization probably from the top down.
Yellow Page Group Co. leaves some company listings up in the results after the companies no longer want the listings and have requested that Yellow Pages Group Co. remove their listing from the ***** site, just so that someone clicking on the result will be lead to the ***** website instead of any information on the company name listed in this result.
Canadian yellow pages. Useful site.
The maps on this site are never accurate as they are at least one city block from where the business that is listed is actually located.
Yellow pages, very helpful site.
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