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The site immediately started downloading something malicious, and when trying to download my mp3 it was going extremely slow.
Scam, tried to make me download a virus or ransomware and make me call a number. Why does google say that this site it trusted?
does its job, has really bad ads tho that make u download viruses and porn ads
MALWARE! Use ***** istead.
I rate this a two star, "fair," because it does its job. It converts the YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 for you to download, and it's for free. Nothing is wrong with the converted file either. But there are a lot of pop ups that take you to sites trying to trick you into downloading a dangerous file that has nothing to do with the video you are converting. There were also some sketchy toxic sites that were not good to see, and don't allow this sites notifications either, because it will send you fake virus notifications.
This site is even worse now, my god. Pornographic ads and malvertising.
Do not trust this. It is giving me fake notifications.
Good site but here is a virus that redirects to DANGEROUS site when video downloaded
One of the best sites for downloading any videos from youtube, however you should have an adblocker, sound off, and 'ask before downloading' enabled in case you get redirected to a scammy site and it downloads something.
So, from the comments, it says that it lowers video quality and has malware, and steals data from tabs... the only problem is that I have been using it for years, AND I DID EXPERIENCE VIDEO QUALITY DROP RIGHT AFTER IM DONE WITH IT, HOW DID I NOT NOTICE. also one time it downloaded random stuff, and also recently I got an error trying to convert it so I almost downloaded the program, I canceled the download (it felt Mlishish) then avast (my antivirus) warned me and said " was detected as malware and has been moved to the virus chest" not using THAT site again.
Just your average fake YouTube to mp3 converter. This one is the popular one. If you click the fake buttons, you get redirected to a malicious site, and if you don’t want adware, NEVER CLICK ALLOW ON THE NOTIFICATIONS POPUP. I suggest to use ***** (not trying to sell anything), a site with no malicious redirects, or adware, just a normal YouTube to mp3 converter, with 320kbps high quality audio. If you still insist on using this terrible, terrible site, after clicking on a malicious redirect button, close the tab IMMEDIATELY. Return to and your download should be ready. If you clicked allow on the notifications popup, you have to reset your browser.
He has one malware or two that allow download mp3 files . Without that malware you cant download your mp3 or mp4 files. If you are wondering what malware it has, these are the : ***** .In addition it has pop-ups from the mobile and many misleading ads. For the computer with the appropriate extension you will prevent them. Now for the malware, Use the extension [ malwarebytes extension ] on the computer to prevent malware
Malwarebytes blocks it, warns against a trojan virus.
This site is great. The only problem is that it sometimes redirects you to malicious sites.
It's only safe if you use an adblocker & block notifications, & it's good.
Bad, bad, BAD! This website collects info from your tabs, and contains malicious pop-ups that are sometimes inappropriate! This will also lower down video quality. I used VirusTotal (not a promoter btw) and it detected malware on it!
This site looks safe to me, tho im not 100% sure but im pretty sure it is safe (it works after all)
I took a chance and tried it out today and it just did not work. I did not get lots of ads - just nothing. I put in the URL of the YouTube site I wanted the music from and clicked the MP3 button. The little gear appeared and spun round for 8 minutes with absolutely nothing happening. After reading this websites comments I did a malwarebytes scan and it found nothing. So II got no MP3 conversion and no malware. Weird.
I’ve never experienced the ads people are talking about, so as far as I know just use Adblock and you should be fine.

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