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EurusHolmesSun Jan 18 1970
these things are always full of viruses. this one tried to add an extension to chrome
Honest.NunSun Jan 18 1970
I use it all the time. Better to use it on the computer than the phone... For me, safe, but there ARE those cliche pop ups when you click download. Otherwise, it gets the job done. 6 nuns out of 10 nuns
Matt.JohnsonSun Jan 18 1970
This online "converter" is broken. YouTube support and downloads are limited because of a broken server. What a joke.
bfloyd1984Sun Jan 18 1970
Has pop-up's but fairly reliable otherwise.
AtomicBlimpSun Jan 18 1970
not safe dont click download you will get an adwere well not hramuful for files but can slow down you Eset NOd 32 blocked an adress on this many times i used it and one was like something search.movies thing wich is an adwere im preety sure about it
Viktor6665@gmail.comSun Jan 18 1970
It redirects to a page with malware.
akakarisporSun Jan 18 1970
When downloading it popus link that are flagged as malware links by my antivirus. i thjink downloads are free of issue however
Futuristic_DewSun Jan 18 1970
its fine but there is a warning it links you to a spam website and malware website just be in caution and close the tab asap
kirbyfan97Sun Jan 18 1970
When you go and convert a video, after you press download, more often than not, you see a new tab redirecting you to a site that is most likely not credible and is trying to steal your information. If this is the only thing you can use, it gets the job done.
Good site, it works fine for me, and if you have some kind of adblock and HTTPS Everywhere the "malware" site that pops up (that hasn't been a malware site for me yet) won't do anything, and you can just close the site when it pops up.

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