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Connect your personal cloud & securely access all your documents, photos, music and videos from many services all under one virtual roof. Drag & Drop any content from one service to another. Search & discover everything in your cloud content across different services. Securely share any content of any size instantly with anyone. ZeroPC is available on Web, iOS & Android.

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zeropc.comreviews 9

They're supposed to gain full access. That's the point of the product. To integrate all your online stuff into one web desktop. It's not like they're being sneaky about it or lying.


ZeroPC helps aggregate users cloud based accounts into one easy to use interface it deserves a decent rating.

dreamorsteveFri Jan 16 1970

This is a great site for people who use a tablet or smart-phone to do a majority of their web activities. You GRANT them the ability to coordinate all of your free cloud storage in one easy to access local.


OAuth is an industry standard protocol. Each service I connected in ZeroPC, they Oauth into my account with proper permission request. No user ID or password is stored in the service – which is a LOT safer than many other services. Here is a FAQ from their website addressing potential security concerns which I think everyone should read.

From their website FAQ"
"Q. Is my stuff safe

Data security has always been of paramount importance. Now, with so many cloud data and social services available protecting your identify and security is of the utmost importance. ZeroPC is very serious about this topic. We have implemented several layers of security to protect your valuable content. All data transmission between your browser and ZeroPC is encrypted using SSL. This is the same level of encryption used by banks and other financial institutions.

We never store your credentials to connected services such as Evernote, Dropbox,, etc. Instead we have implemented an industry standard and very secure technique called "OAuth" to enable these connections. Using OAuth allows us to transfer control for each service to it's own highly secure login page. ZeroPC has registered and been validated with each of these sites. After you have successfully logged in to the site then their servers pass ZeroPC an encrypted "token". This token, along with our secret key, allow us to access the content in those services. As a user, you have complete and sole control. You may revoke this authentication at anytime.

We have implemented optional features within ZeroPC to further protect your account. This includes a desktop screen lock using a 4-digit PIN that you specify. We also allow you to generate a limited-use unique login security key. This key can be used in place of your ZeroPC username and password whenever you use an unfamiliar computer such as workstations at Internet Cafes. This keeps your username and password safe from key loggers and malware that may try to sniff this information on these unfamiliar computers"


Enjoy the safely of using this site for all your personal use. Small learning curve to achieve your goals.

arnoldpinto60306Fri Jan 16 1970

They gain FULL access to your GMail or Facebook account when usimg them to sign up on ZeroPC website. FULL Access

blackbeardncFri Jan 16 1970

This site is probably the best cloud organizer available to date. It's a one of a kind desktop on your browser without any need for an actual OS or hard drive because all your data is integrated by connecting to services like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many others. I would highly recommend this to anyone. It's a very safe site and ZeroPC uses some of the highest encryption available. Please, check it out. You won't regret it! 🙂

Free User1Fri Jan 16 1970

This is a cool web app, and I really enjoy using it!

I really can't understand the nuclear-bomb fuss over Zero PC. I mean, it's just stupid to single them out and be paranoid that Zero PC can access your online "personal" information ("personal," meaning all the info about yourself that you post on social networking sites), but so does Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. How do you think those sites store your account info? The previous comments are just motivated by hysteria and paranoia about online/internet security.

If you ARE skeptical about a website's legitimacy, then look for their Privacy Statement and their About pages, and whether or not an official internet-site rating company (like VeriSign) has reviewed them. I give Zero PC a 7/10 rating for quality.


I have found nothing fishy about this site and it does give good access to all social data in one place.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


64 / 100

Child Safety

71 / 100