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Ziggo is een innovatieve en betrouwbare leverancier van (digitale) televisie en radio, internet en telefonie via de kabel.

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Cookie_MonsterFri Jan 16 1970
Telecom provider.
host to phishing scams
Started blocking Pirate Bay as of today. Open internet is crumbling!
kirsten__skSat Jan 17 1970
Great TV and internet provider.
Tricky Gnome Called "Rachel"Sun Jan 18 1970
Ziggo is nothing more but the biggest ISP in the Netherlands. They however have a very poor customer service with people who don't know a thing, and their own system logs are inadequate, leaving me with a lot of damage, days without internet and they blame their lack of communication on parties who have no legal obligations at all in this matter. Since they have the biggest name, they are literally placing themselves above the law, and they are not above ignoring verdicts from court and literally claiming to wipe their asses with those. And this was not the first time Ziggo got me into trouble, so I went to a different ISP. No they don't spread malware, but I am completely fed up with their business attitude.

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85 / 100