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zioncrimefactory.comreviews 11
John Smith3Fri Jan 16 1970

I gave a good rating to this site on all counts mainly because I have absolutely no proof to the contrary. This site exposes Zionist plots and atrocities, most if not all of which have been confirmed by Jewish respectable people. As a Christian, if a site exposed Christian atrocities or wrongdoings, I would not down-rate it just because it exposes wrongdoing on the part of a group of which I am a member — ie, say, Christians. Many priests have been exposed as pedophiles in recent years, and I think it's a good thing. Many Jews are also critical towards Zionism. If this site gives out false information, contains spywares, etc. Please leave proper comments, you will do service to the WOT community. Thank you.

Another_random_accountSat Jan 17 1970

I'm only giving this site a positive because I see the reasons for it being red flagged.

I got wot so i can be made aware of hackers, viruses, people trying to take over my computer, install malware, whatever.

Not to see a site red tagged because it goes against someones personal world view. For petes sake, live and let live people.

Green tagged.

RollinStoneSat Jan 17 1970

This may be the best site on the net I have discovered. It is well researched and tells the truth and the truth is what we should all be seeking. I have not experienced any adware, malware or viruses on this site. Do yourself a favor and get enlightened. We have been lied to for far too long by far too many people! Time to wake up people!


This is what we all really need to read. Everyone!


it's the truth about them Zionist Jews.

Jim DominicSat Jan 17 1970

Anti-semitic hate site.


Another willfully ignorant racist site.

baloneybeastSat Jan 17 1970

The more exposure of the Zionist agenda, the better. Paid shills of Israel are behind the poor rating. Israeli officials have admitted to doing this kind of thing.

Not sure?

Look at this.

helenetoileSat Jan 17 1970

Free the truth!
Give people the opportunity to decide for themselves what they can accept as truth.


Now the site is off!
But the truth will never die!
N E V E R !!!!
watch this:


Safety Rating Breakdown


38 / 100

Child Safety

45 / 100