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Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then share the results of your research.

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ChaoticSunshineThu Jan 15 1970
Zotero is a fantastic semi-new add-on for Firefox that makes researching and documenting with online resources a snap. Zotero, what did we college students ever do without you?? I've been using Zotero for several months and have nothing but good to say; no spam via email after sign up, no annoying pop-up adds or anything, no spy-ware/ad-ware... Pretty much just a really great research tool.
This is an incredibly useful Firefox addon for anyone working on a research project or something that requires you to keep track of the sources you've used. You can save snapshots of webpages in case they change or get deleted over the course of your project and you can also make comments on these snapshots. It will also make a bibliography for you in a range of preset styles based on what you have saved in your library. If you make a free account on the site you can sync your saved pages between computers. You get 100MB free storage with the option to buy more storage. A feature which I especially like with the site is the ability to hide your Zotero profile page from search engines. Chances are you won't have top secret information stored in your profile but it's nice to have the option to remove it from search engines. Overall it's a great research tool especially since it's free, I genuinely can't think of a single issue with the addon or the site.
Zotero füllt die Lücke an Zitationswerkzeugen für Mac Benutzer. Hervorragend intuitiv lassen sich Browserplugin und MS Word-Plugin bedienen. Im Gegensatz zu Citavi ist der Umgang deutlich benutzerfreundlicher. Dank automatischer Synchronisation ist sogar das Arbeiten an mehreren PC Arbeitsplätzen (ohne manuellen Abgleich) möglich. In Summe macht dies Zotero zum Werkzeug der ersten Wahl für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten insbesondere für Linux und Mac-Benutzer, denen die "üblichen" Werkzeuge nicht zur Verfügung stehen.
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des liens redirigés vers d'autres sites bourrés de virus !
When using the Internet extensively to remain informed, collect information, do research and generally try to stay on top of thing, can easily escalate into an information overflow, resulting in a situation where one find it awfully difficult to keep track of and structure "web" information. Using, with it's Firefox addon, allows one to structure all collected "web" information purposefully that can be easily referenced and shared with others. BOTTOM LINE... very handy and useful, almost a "must have" feature, when one wants to productively use the vast sources of information available on the Internet.

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