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vvalkerguy2Fri Jan 16 1970
Phishing, hacked twitter account of a friend
This is a URL connected to youtube scams and URL redirection exploits.
Rumble FishSat Jan 17 1970
Spam. Financial scams. They take your money with ease.
URL shortening site. The owners provide no means of reporting abuse, i.e. they support spam.
Faux nez de spammeurs - Spammers fake nose is a URL shortening site that, unfortunately, is very heavily abused by spammers. There is no formal way to report abuse, but in my experience the owner of the site has been very responsive when contacted by Twitter, and has acted quickly to remove spam links and blacklist known abusive domains. However, it appears that the site may be a one-man operation, so he struggles to keep up with the automated tools used by spam gangs. You can find links to the creator's Twitter and Facebook profiles at the foot of his homepage on Please be polite and helpful when reporting abuse.
Mandrake09Sun Jan 18 1970 Canadian Pharmacy is an illegal Pharmacy Operated/Promoted by Criminals)
Probably scam, I received their link by SMS. After I checked, has been listed in the Spamhaus's blacklist because it is a spammer abused URL shortener or redirector.
Short URL Service. Spam and Scam!

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