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Winners of WOT Million Download Contest

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the WOT Million Download Contest.

Taking first place with his imaginative three-in-one entry is wehaveitall. Ben’s enthusiasm and creativity charmed the judges, especially his Top 50 list. Visit Ben’s WOT fan page to see the winning entry including the WOT collage (pictured below.) Ben will receive an iPod touch. Congratulations!

The winner of the Lucky Draw was sandnsurf. Mike’s blog entry WOT a great idea is an easy-to-understand explanation of how WOT works. We love his comparison of WOT to a shark net off the coast. And being a surfer from Australia, Mike knows about that! Mike will receive an iPod nano. Congratulations!

Thanks to all the participants in the WOT Million Download Contest. You did not make the judges job easy! Look for more ways to win in the near future.

WOT collage

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