WOT Publicity Award 2008

Publicity award 2008

The WOT Publicity award goes to those members who have enthusiastically spread the word about WOT. Even in modern times, "word-of-mouth" references are the most valuable type of advertising. Here we recognize the WOT members who have helped to create "buzz" for our add-on, helping us to reach nearly 3 million downloads!

You have used your personal or professional blogs, social networking sites, business or school contacts and other innovative techniques to help spread the word. Thank you!

The Publicity award can be seen on your profile page and in the January Inside MyWOT newsletter.

  • Bill Mullins coined the phrase “people-driven security” when recommending WOT to the readers of his popular blog, TechThoughts.  Bill’s specialty is in security and system tools, and he frequently shares tips, downloads and software reviews.
  • BobJam actively promotes WOT through his participation in various forums and frequently shares his knowledge and advice.
  • Bobo2854 uses the microblogging site Twitter and his personal page on LiveSpaces to promote WOT.
  • Bpvette created a WOT group on Facebook to increase awareness of Internet threats and how WOT can help protect people.
  • Cotojo promotes WOT through his Free PC Security blog and videos. Colin’s goal is to pass on interesting information and links to free programs and utilities that make surfing the net safer and more secure.
  • Donnab is a Microsoft MVP and member of the Alliance of Security Analysis & Professionals (ASAP). She has supported WOT through her Internet security forum Calendar of Updates.
  • Foolsville has promoted WOT on his Foolsville 2.0 blog.
  • Frank J promotes WOT through his blog Techjaws, a technology news site aimed at the general public and  technology enthusiasts. 
  • FrankZ promotes WOT through his former technology website PC Buster and his new site Kixtrix. Frank has run WOT awareness campaigns at his school.
  • hichez created a youtube video recommending WOT.
  • Luis9955 created a youtube video explaining the WOT addon.
  • Marko created a youtube video that shows how to download and install WOT.
  • Reprotected created a youtube video comparing the WOT addon to SiteAdvisor.
  • Sandnsurf is an emergency physician who generally writes about medical subjects. He has recommended WOT through his blog.
  • Spacequad promotes WOT through his Spacequad antispam website.
  • TechPaul promotes WOT through his Tech for Everyone blog, where he regularly posts how-tos, tricks and tips and general computing advice.   
  • YoKenny actively promotes WOT through his participation in various forums.
  • wehaveitall created a WOT Fan blog, WOT fanpage and a WOT Google group whose work includes creating a wiki.

 If you would like to suggest someone for the Publicity award, please email us a awards@mywot.com.

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