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WOT Scambusters Award 2008

Scambuster award 2008 The WOT Scambusters award goes to those members who have discovered and reported threats that could do harm to others’ computers, personal data and wallets.

These hardworking members use their own time, with no compensation from WOT, to seek out and expose dangerous links. The entire WOT community benefits from their efforts. This award is our small way of saying thank you and to express our appreciation for what you do.

  • Bonsai Rosebushes discovered and reported a innocent site that had been hijacked and redirected innocent users to a malicious site that downloaded rogue software.
  • Cotojo verifies numerous rogue applications by testing them in a safe environment. He also publishes a list of known malicious software on Free PC Security
  • logicman uncovered and reported spam advertisements disguised as consumer advice.
  • lordpake uncovered an incident where a fraudulent security site’s forum was actually a mirror of Yahoo’s Q & A site.
  • MysteryFCM verifies numerous rogue applications by testing them in a safe environment and supports WOT when challenged by site owners who are not always polite. He maintains UR I.T. Mate Group.
  • xxxy seeks out and reports huge quantities of spam links thereby protecting all of our inboxes.
  • Yatti420 has been a contributing member of WOT for a long time now, building our ratings base even before we had scorecards.

If you would like to suggest someone for the Scambusters award, or the upcoming Top Member award, please email us at awards@mywot.com.

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